About Me

My husband, Bill and I have been married many years. I don’t know if I want to advertise how many, than you will all know just how old I am. Let me just say I don’t feel old most days, until I look in the mirror. Oh well. My husband has been very patient about my new adventure.

Worked for many years in a hospital setting and then in benefit administration. Thinking back they were great years. So much to learn, even then. These are great years too. Would never have believed I would try to do a blog. If I can attempt it anyone can.

Great,Great help, especially in the design arena from our grandson, Will. Thank you so much. He is so talented. I need to thank some other grandchildren for their contributions when they were visiting and I could get them to help for a short time, Dan, Sarah, Amelia and Jessica. K.C. from Texas even helped. Thank you. Oh by the way we have 18 grandchildren.

Got much more I would like to do and some good articles I am currently writing. Hope you will find them full of good information and come back and visit often. Would like our daughter Mary to do an article on her experience with decluttering and our son Bill to share about his recent surgery and daughter Kathy to talk about collecting salt and pepper shakers.

Focus for 2019 more on family, home and health. Still learning and I will share. Young Living Essential Oils, more on health and fitness, focus some on th e home, finances and fun. Still learning but have come a long way from August, when I knew nothing and had to wait until our daughter, Cindy could come and help me. Thank you, Thank you. Also have been known to call Texas and St. Louis to get help from daughters, Susan,and Tracy. I tried not to pester everyone. Thank you to all the bloggers that have helped me also.  Extremely kind and nice bloggers.#learningexperience#Christmastime.