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Do your site pages include good information where ever they are located?  Under my site pages you will find things like contact. Written under contact is a statement informing my visitors that my blog contains affiliate links and what happens if you should purchase something from me. I hope it is clear and concise.

There is also a disclosure statement that spells out how my blog shares enlightening ideas and informational tips.

Also listed is a healthy cookbook category and kitchen & home accessories and health and fitness, with some good ideas and suggestions listed.

My drop down box informs viewers about leaving their e-mail address and if they do a very nice handout called -5 Easy Steps to A Relaxed Physician Visit will be sent to them via their e-mail.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and find some great sightseeing trips during the upcoming holidays#goodinformation#affiliatelinks#enlighteningideas#informationaltips

Organization A Must to Move Forward

Come and visit my blog.  Why! Because I am learning every day and hope to pass some of that learning on to you.  Organization, organization, organization, I can’t repeat it enough.  As I delve into this blogging business more and more I see how important the above word is.  Not just saying it and writing about it, but actually following thru.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find the bill you need to pay, the book that you need, the name of the person you were supposed to call back, the notes you made for your next blog etc.

My personal organizational goals to get done the New Year arrives:

  • Get my files organized
  • Remove from office, sewing room what is no longer used, necessary.
  • Get my computer better organized
  • Stop printing everything, use folders instead
  • Use a planner to help me
  • Record all phone messages, so they can be easily found.
  • Do volunteer calls, immediately after they are received.
  • Carry this over into others areas of our home-long term organizational plan. The other things I would like to do before the New Year.

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Stress and Some Goal Suggestions

Are the coming holidays stressing you out? The kids all getting excited, not always being good, picking on each other. They are tired of going to school, wishing at least some snow would fall, ( well, maybe just here). No blizzards please.

Try to pick one thing each day that you can accomplish. Even if it is a small thing. For me that would be giving the bathrooms a good cleaning. Not a small thing. I mean a good cleaning so they would only need a quick clean up right before Christmas.

Menus done? What if you could pick up a few items at a time each shopping venture, so the week of the holiday you are not standing in line at the grocery store, hoping you won’t go over your budget.

Another goal for the coming year? Budget Save for this week all year long. Good old fashioned Christmas clubs used to be wonderful. Try the first year,saving a small amount from each paycheck that is put into a savings you do not touch until the holidays.

Take one day off work during this holiday time. Get all your shopping done. Make that a goal for the coming year. I hear people say all the time, I need to take some vacation time or I will lose it. Plan out your year, take days off here and there.#settinggoals#relievingstress

Help with Grammar from Grammarcheck

What a wonderful thing to be able to copy and put out on your website or blog. Mistakes are often made in grammar, especially when someone is in a hurry. This checklist may be very helpful if you are in doubt as to which word to use. If this helps someone I am delighted that I found it.#grammarcheck.

The other thing that we all need to watch is our spelling. Use your spell check frequently or slow down for a minute and re-read what you just wrote. I know at times I don’t even see my mistake until I am reading my blog, after it is published. Take an extra minute and it will make you feel better and your day so much brighter.

10 Things That Create The Enchantment of The Holidays


  • Big shining eyes of small children filled with wonder.
  • Magic of making holiday treats-frosting cookies, licking the frosting off your hands.
  • Decorating the tree and house- Being allowed to finally put ornaments on the tree yourself.
  • Fascination associated with believing. You hate see it leave.
  • Learning the true meaning of Christmas-the baby Jesus in the manager
  • Secrets –being let in on a grown up secret and showing everyone you can keep a secret.
  • Wrapping gifts- having your own wrapping paper, tape, ribbon and tag. Carrying your present so proudly to put under the tree.
  • Company-waiting for grandparents, family and friends to come. Enjoying being at home and having fun.
  • Sharing – Taking dinner to someone who lives alone, sending cards, getting to make your own cards to mail, going through your clothes and toys and donating them to a thrift store.
  • Admiration and praise those in the military and their families.

It really is a wonderful time of the year.  Especially if it snows right around Christmas time.  Christmas Eve always looks so pretty and peaceful if it snows just before Santa comes.  Like a live picture card.  No  ice please.

Always will remember the year when my mother had redecorated the bathroom in pink and black.  I know, but it honestly looked pretty good.  She was a delightful lady.  Anyway I digress her Christmas present from our father that year was a brand new pink toilet seat, in its place of honor under the tree.

Memories are such fun!  Happy Holidays to each and every one.#enchantmentofholidays#admirationandpraise#magic

Focus of blog in 2019

Changing the focus, a bit, of  in 2019.  Will be including more about home and family.  Telling stories about our wonderful, multi-cultural, diversified family.  How we come together and always try to remain friends.  The things we have learned from each other, and of course some of the things we disagree on.  We had six children and now there are 18 grandchildren, no great greats yet.  One granddaughter married, another, grandson to be married in March and a couple of grands with nice girl and boy friends.

Included in the home, family and health, we will be discussing budgets and how to live on one, saving for the future, reflect on things like should everyone be made to pursue college, keeping communication open, and more. No reason we can’t discuss blogging once in a while. After all writing is good for us.  Even though my family is older, I am a mother and grandmother and have experienced many of the same things parents today are going through.

My Niche will be everything that is involved in raising a family, how it evolves and is still evolving even today. The changes everyone has to make as we enter each new phase of our lives. Solutions may be a bit tougher, but we will share what we have tried and how or if it worked.  You see that is what a family is all about, working to solve issues, when you are not always sure the solution is the best answer.

Hope you will come and visit my blog and enjoy it. Website is and my Pinterest site is Barb’s Selections.

My Blog and Designing Amazing Graphics

It is great to see what the bloggers who are so artistically talented can design.

Not being very artistic myself, I have to do quite a bit of looking around to find something that is stimulating, pleasant to look at, and related to what I am talking about.  Hoping it will liven up the blog page itself.  Starting to understand the importance of this and how to do it, but have a way to go yet.

Thought the first pin I designed was wonderful, not too loud or bold and the blog written was well done.  Little did I know.  It bombed!  Oh well I am continuing to experiment with design and color and in due time everything will be in sync.  Now I am thinking about how to do photos right and how much I still have to learn and am learning.

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