Strength, stamina are they part of your body’s well being?

Articles and more articles about your health and the things you can do to improve/make the aches and pains go away. Before deciding, consider how good your constitution (another word for health) is, what kind of energy,strength and stamina you have.

Research- find out more details.
Be sure you really understand the specific kind of therapy being recommended, especially if you have never heard of it before.

New diet fads or special drinks that will aide you in losing weight. What is the cost,not only financially, but emotionally, part of good health. Do you need to remain on the diet forever? What are the chances of gaining back the weight without exercise and a healthy life style?

Massaging in a special way a joint, say a knee joint. Have you checked with your physician to be sure this will benefit the joint or not? Will it enhance your well-being and stamina?

Colon cleanses have you discussed with your physician, the pros and cons? What for instance happens to your energy level?

Just food for thought, before you decide these are the right thing for you in your situation.#strength#stamina#energy.

Snoring? What was that loud noise?

Do you live with someone who snores? Not just a bit, but really snores. The snoring is so loud you have to leave the room to sleep. It could be the sign of a more serious condition, known as sleep apnea. In order to make that determination a visit to your physician is needed. There may be a very simple solution to the problem, and everyone who snores does not have this condition.

If you are a bit older and you know you have a snoring problem, having been told this by your sleeping partner you may want to confer with your physician about seeing a specialist. I have listed only a few things below that may suggest this approach:
Are you tired during the next day, even if you feel you have slept well?
Has your sleeping partner noticed periods where it seems like you have an absence of breath for a few seconds?
Do you have Diabetes?
Do you have weight issues? I am not talking a few pounds, but a serious weight issue?
There are other things that could suggest you have sleep apnea. See your medical professional.
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Orange flowered wallpaper, a crochet stitch and a mug!

I found myself wondering several times why my Pinterest followers, clickers were saving 3 pins almost daily. They had no particular educational value, no particular relationship to blogging, recipes or home design. They weren’t even part of what I believe to be my niche, which is health, fitness and education of these areas to others. It really amazed me that they were saved so often. Don’t get me wrong I am so glad they are being saved. They happened to be just fun things I pinned because they brought a smile to my face.
My questions to you are:
Did you follow up after saving or clicking on the pin by looking at my blog? My blog is and my website can be found very easily even on Google.
If you did follow up with my blog, did any of the articles appeal to you or not?
Are you thinking of starting a business? Or are you just enjoying Pinterest on your own?
Are you interested in learning how to blog?
What would help you the most if you truly wanted to start a blog?
My questions are to get you thinking what do you want when you are a stay at home mom, or stop working, or wish to travel or you retire and want to become a learner.
I hope you continue to enjoy my site on Pinterest. It is such fun! Again my blog is

Joint, Abdominal Surgery! Any type surgery for adult or child.

Be informed!
Your physician has said yes you need surgery. You have gotten a second opinion that concurs with the first one.
You receive your pre-operative instructions, which tell you the day of your surgery, the time, place and who will be doing your surgery, what surgery you will be having and most important, the name of your surgery and the proper area. If any of that is incorrect you immediately need to let someone in the office of your physician know.
Should you be having surgery on a joint, certain things such as how to go up and down stairs and how to get in and out of a car may be shown to you, pre-operatively as part of your instructions. The post-operative exercises will be set up with either a therapist coming to your home or you going to a physical therapy facility.
Be sure and read all your pre-operative instructions carefully so you are prepared for your anesthetic the day of surgery. Not following instructions can cause your surgery to be delayed. The anesthesiologist will stop by the day of surgery and talk with you about what they will be doing and what you can expect. They have many options available now to help with alleviating or lessening post-operative pain.
If you or your family have questions or concerns please share with your surgeon, anesthesiologist or surgical team. They want you to benefit from your surgical experience in a positive manner.

Little boy haircut and diaper rash ointment hair.

Something Different! Smile!

Hi Fellow Bloggers! Thought I would change my pace this week a bit and talk about family. Have been focusing on health and education, but decided to put some smiles in my work. Everyone needs a smile on their face once in a while. Here are my smiles for today. You have probably experienced similar situations in your family.
We have several grandchildren, my husband and I. Each one is truly unique and dearly loved. Grandchildren have a special place in our hearts and even if we don’t always think the same way, oh are we learning from each one.
This last week our youngest grandson, 5 years old, almost 6, really needed a haircut and was tired of waiting for his parents to find time to get him there. So he found the hair clippers and shaved this head right down the middle. Not a little bit, all the way back. He looked a little rascal from days of long ago. He now has a buzz cut and looks almost bald.
Another grandchild, a girl who is 20 years old now, when she was very young got her hands on Desitin ointment for diaper rash and totally covered her head with it. She had beautiful blonde hair at that time. I don’t remember how her parents finally got it out, but she does have a nice head of hair now.

Physical Therapy

Recently it was recommended that I have some physical therapy to help with pain. The order was for 2 times a week for 4 weeks. I did not feel that was excessive, so of course off I went to find out which of their office locations would be best for me. Believe it or not one of their locations is very close to my house.
Appointment was set up very easily and the receptionist was nice and pleasant. Once there I had to fill out paper work and show my insurance cards. No insurance, you or I would have to let the office know how the claims would be paid for.
My physical therapist came to the front office to get me, introduced himself. I noticed that he was dressed appropriately, the treatment room was large, roomy, clean, even the vents in the ceiling and the windows. There were tables to exercise on, stationary bicycles to ride, big exercise balls, etc.

In order to assist the therapist in designing a treatment plan for me, the following questions, needed to be answered:
Why did my physician send me for physical therapy?
Is my injury the result of any injury at work?
If injury is work related are both your company and your insurance provider aware you are receiving physical therapy.
Same is necessary for an accident injury.
Describe my pain and pain threshold so my therapist could develop a treatment plan.
Do the exercises as they are demonstrated by the physical therapist.

My therapy session lasted an hour as I noted did others around me. Believe me I was aware that I had done some moving around. Essential to getting better is doing the exercises at home on a regular basis to determine if the therapy has been of any benefit in easing the pain.

New to Pinterest

Welcome take your time, look around at Pinterest and ask yourself why are you interested in wanting to get involved.
Do you want to shop? Are you interest in sharing recipes? Are you interesting learning new crafts or do you just want to pin information to share? Or are you interested in starting a business?
Is your information, good information?
Do you have to use profanity to get your point across?
Do you think this is a get rich quick opportunity? If so do not waste your time. It is hard work.
Read all the available information on Pinterest not once, but maybe two or three times. Then you will say to yourself, I wonder what is meant by that? Excellent recommendation, start a list and get answers to your questions, one by one.
If you are leaning toward starting a business, again go slowly. You will read lots and lots of articles about do this first, then do this. Sometimes you have to find what your right way is all by yourself. It may not be the way of others, but it may be just what you need.
Do you understand the rules? Do you know how to follow rules?
Do you know where the Pinterest Help Center is found?
If you are considering a business and a blog, you might want to consider an e-book or get an e-course to help you to prepare. Be careful I enrolled in an e-course, done by an excellent role model on Pinterest and I can tell you I was no way ready and just could not get the information wrapped around my head. When I re-read the information I hope I am better prepared to understand.
Be very cautious if someone tells you, you can have a blog up and running in under half an hour. Yes, you can have basics there, but an actual full blown blog ready to go. I don’t think so unless you are very tech savvy. If you are God Bless You, because the rest of us are learning as we go.
If you are very creative and good with a camera, that is wonderful. It is something that is necessary as you move forward in this endeavor.