Little boy haircut and diaper rash ointment hair.

Something Different! Smile!

Hi Fellow Bloggers! Thought I would change my pace this week a bit and talk about family. Have been focusing on health and education, but decided to put some smiles in my work. Everyone needs a smile on their face once in a while. Here are my smiles for today. You have probably experienced similar situations in your family.
We have several grandchildren, my husband and I. Each one is truly unique and dearly loved. Grandchildren have a special place in our hearts and even if we don’t always think the same way, oh are we learning from each one.
This last week our youngest grandson, 5 years old, almost 6, really needed a haircut and was tired of waiting for his parents to find time to get him there. So he found the hair clippers and shaved this head right down the middle. Not a little bit, all the way back. He looked a little rascal from days of long ago. He now has a buzz cut and looks almost bald.
Another grandchild, a girl who is 20 years old now, when she was very young got her hands on Desitin ointment for diaper rash and totally covered her head with it. She had beautiful blonde hair at that time. I don’t remember how her parents finally got it out, but she does have a nice head of hair now.

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