Snoring? What was that loud noise?

Do you live with someone who snores? Not just a bit, but really snores. The snoring is so loud you have to leave the room to sleep. It could be the sign of a more serious condition, known as sleep apnea. In order to make that determination a visit to your physician is needed. There may be a very simple solution to the problem, and everyone who snores does not have this condition.

If you are a bit older and you know you have a snoring problem, having been told this by your sleeping partner you may want to confer with your physician about seeing a specialist. I have listed only a few things below that may suggest this approach:
Are you tired during the next day, even if you feel you have slept well?
Has your sleeping partner noticed periods where it seems like you have an absence of breath for a few seconds?
Do you have Diabetes?
Do you have weight issues? I am not talking a few pounds, but a serious weight issue?
There are other things that could suggest you have sleep apnea. See your medical professional.
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