Personal Health – Good! Bad!

Personal Health-Good! Bad!
Here are some interesting questions to pose to yourself. Just because you are a young adult, does not mean you are healthy. Maybe there are circumstances in your life no one is aware of, but should be.
Do you take care of your health on a regular basis?
Do you go in for your preventive visits and listen to what your physician is telling you?
Are you reluctant to step on the scale at the physician’s office? Do you need to go on a diet? A real diet that has daily limits, calorie counts, and helps you to understand what carbohydrates are, both the good & the bad. Why you need protein, fat etc.
Do you exercise? Even if it is walking short distances?
Are you open with your physician and share with her or him what is really bothering you?
Are you evasive about answering your physician when you are embarrassed by a personal question?
Are you in an abusive relationship and unsure what to do next?
Do you know where to go to get answers that will help you? Are you willing to follow up with the suggestions your physician makes?
Do you brush your teeth?
Do you see your dentist on a regular basis for cleanings, x-rays and preventive maintenance?
Braces? Do you use your retainer as instructed by the orthodontist?
All I am trying to do here is get you to think about situations you find yourself in, regarding mental and physical health issues. There are some other informational articles on my blog at Find me on Pinterest at Barb’s Selections


Bringing Together Health, Fitness, Fashion and Education

Sounds like quite a challenge to me, however I am going to try and do it. What if I had worked hard to lose some weight and wanted now be sure it stayed off. Hopefully I would turn to some form of exercise that could be done all year around. It would take a dedicated plan of walking, running, doing some form of other physical exercise at least several times a week, to begin to look fit. Also at the same time maintaining my diet plan. Adding new recipes to try, deleting those that are disgusting, may be taking a break once in a while. A big job.

That being said, possibly now I could begin to think about enhancing my wardrobe. Throwing away those larger older styles and buying some new and especially flattering inexpensive clothing. A nice jacket that could be worn with any color of pants and a top to dress everything up.
It would be fun to find a nice pair of jeans to wear tailgating or to a basketball game when the season begins and have everyone tell you how nice you look. Putting a big grin on your face and making your husband, wife or significant other so proud.

These thoughts are purely informational only and my ideas.