Focus of blog in 2019

Changing the focus, a bit, of  in 2019.  Will be including more about home and family.  Telling stories about our wonderful, multi-cultural, diversified family.  How we come together and always try to remain friends.  The things we have learned from each other, and of course some of the things we disagree on.  We had six children and now there are 18 grandchildren, no great greats yet.  One granddaughter married, another, grandson to be married in March and a couple of grands with nice girl and boy friends.

Included in the home, family and health, we will be discussing budgets and how to live on one, saving for the future, reflect on things like should everyone be made to pursue college, keeping communication open, and more. No reason we can’t discuss blogging once in a while. After all writing is good for us.  Even though my family is older, I am a mother and grandmother and have experienced many of the same things parents today are going through.

My Niche will be everything that is involved in raising a family, how it evolves and is still evolving even today. The changes everyone has to make as we enter each new phase of our lives. Solutions may be a bit tougher, but we will share what we have tried and how or if it worked.  You see that is what a family is all about, working to solve issues, when you are not always sure the solution is the best answer.

Hope you will come and visit my blog and enjoy it. Website is and my Pinterest site is Barb’s Selections.

My Blog and Designing Amazing Graphics

It is great to see what the bloggers who are so artistically talented can design.

Not being very artistic myself, I have to do quite a bit of looking around to find something that is stimulating, pleasant to look at, and related to what I am talking about.  Hoping it will liven up the blog page itself.  Starting to understand the importance of this and how to do it, but have a way to go yet.

Thought the first pin I designed was wonderful, not too loud or bold and the blog written was well done.  Little did I know.  It bombed!  Oh well I am continuing to experiment with design and color and in due time everything will be in sync.  Now I am thinking about how to do photos right and how much I still have to learn and am learning.

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My Blog and Increasing Traffic

My Blog and Increasing Traffic.
Another step,increasing traffic is happening for me but very slowly. So I am going on faith that it will happen if I keep making the appropriate changes in my blog, on Pinterest, learn Social Media, be consistent, be interesting, figure out what people want, become tech savvy, join group boards and get some artistic blood in my veins! Take a deep breath!! Do I sound sarcastic, don’t mean to, just trying to take and learn one thing at a time. Increasing traffic to my website has me thinking, so that is good. They come, take a peek and go. Like pixies running away in the night.
Congratulations to everyone who has been an overnight success. Kudos to you all and keep up the good work encouraging the rest of us. Everyone would like to be a success, but you need to set goals and then achieve those goals. You not only have to talk the talk, but walk the walk.

My Blog and Consistency

My Blog and Consistency.

One step at a time with this blogging. All blogger say that consistency is very important. Consistency to me means blogging in a way that my followers will know there is another article out in my space to read. It to my way of thinking should be at least two times a week, but so far I have not been able to manage the same two days every week. My intentions are honorable, but my thoughts and images do not always let me comply.
Consistency also brings to mind being consistent in what you blog about whether it pertains to your Niche or not. Right now I know it does not for me as I want to continue with the individual pieces that all put together make a good, interesting blog. Everyone are be smart, funny, have something to say, keep it short and always have a solution for a problem. Those are the words that I remember seeing that pertain to consistency#solidity#organization#elasticity

My Blog and discovering my Niche.

In my biography on Pinterest, I said – I am a wife, mother, grandmother and also retired. What am I doing now? Learning new things faster than my mind can absorb them. How to blog, get more traffic, find your Niche. Never thought I would ever do a blog, but here I am struggling along with the help of many other talented people. Kindness supreme is what I have found from other bloggers.

My first attempt at getting the blog going was to focus on health and fitness, but it does not seem that good a fit. Find your Niche everyone tells you. Well I am still struggling with finding my Niche. More inclined to bring family, home, health and fun into it. So it appears I am still off the tip of the funnel, however I am working on locating that Niche. My problem is I like a doing a lot of things, but really am not a master of anything.
Come and visit me at my website –, you never know when you will find something interesting as I take this one step at a time. Add me to your list to follow and tell your friends. Just put out an article on Gifts for the kind teacher you admire. Maybe not the best teacher, but one who cares especially about your children.#blog#blogaboutblogging#niche.

Gift ideas & Solutions for that kind teacher you admire.

COOKIES- Don’t have to be elaborate. If you are desperate for
time use pre-packaged cookie mixes. Then set up for a decorating
party with your family.
ESSENTIAL OIL – Find a unique way to stage using a light essential
oil scent. Fill small attractive vase or glass with potpourri and add
a few drops of the oil scent. Look for an attractive old saucer/plate
and an older white handkerchief with lace, add nice smelling
potpourri and tie with a bow. Set right in the middle of the plate.
Someone gave me a gift like that several years ago and I still havesnowman-3610970_1920
it sitting on a table. A few drops of essential oil again on the
potpourri, not the handkerchief.
SMALL GIFT BAG – containing some lotion, maybe a bar of
handcrafted soap or a special hand creme. Could add some items
such a small package of Kleenex, some cough drops for those cold
days. Male teachers might enjoy a pair of socks, or a real
KNIT OR CROCHET? – What about finding some of these items
at craft shows if you again are pressed for time. Hot pads for hot
dishes , dish cloths, or a scrubby for tough to clean pots & pans.

Donald Duck on the telephone?

For many years one of our granddaughters would give us a jingle, asking to speak with Donald Duck. Of course, Donald duck would come to the phone. Donald and she would have a great conversation. She is and always has been a great Disney fan. Her husband even proposed to her at Disney in front of Cinderella’s Castle.
Anyway back to the story. One year when she called, my husband finally said, you know I am Donald Duck. Dead silence on the other end of the telephone. She never called back and asked for Donald Duck again. Years later she told us it about broke her heart.#jingle#Disney.
Grouchy donald duck    Happy donald duck