Most important skill in a relationship!

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To me, the most important skill is good communication.  If you do not have this you are heading for trouble, even if the problems are small at this time, they  magnify themselves eventually.  All of a sudden you will notice an increase in stress, untruths being told, children getting involved and hard feelings evolving.

Try the following suggestions to see if they have any impact defining what your communication issues are:

Do not talk when you are very angry.  Walk away and cool down.

Do not go to bed without talking.  At least begin to try and determine what the real problems are.  You will not solve anything at this point but you need to make a pact to talk further.

Do not carry a grudge!  What does that help to solve? Communicate how you really feel.  Take turns talking.  You first, me second.  Me first, you second.

Do not involve children in your arguments, until you determine if the children or one child is involved in the issue.  Then new guidelines/contracts need to be established.#goodcommunication#communicationissues#newguidelines






Year end (2018) around the corner

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I want to wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.  2018 was a very interesting year.  I decided to do Pinterest, to help one of our daughters find gluten free recipes, ended up starting a  blog.  It has been very much an educational process.

At a recent craft show I spoke with a very nice young woman who was promoting her product. She told me her husband, who was very supportive, was encouraging her to do Social Media.  My response to her was, look at me, if I can do it, anyone can do it.  That comment came from my heart, as there is so much to learn, but I am doing just that.  Need to write things down, as it is difficult to cram everything into my brain.

In a few weeks you will see new ideas on my website, blog and Social Media.  I was introduced to an essential oils program at the same craft show.  Met two informed and interesting young women.  They understand what being educated about your product/brand is all about.  My daughter (another one) is very educated about essential oils will be doing this essential oils program on her blog/website also.  If you have any questions , in the meantime, please contact me through this website and provide me with your name and  e-mail address.


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Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has become an interesting challenge for me. Totally lost when I began and really didn’t understand.   I thought that I needed to get Affiliate Marketing up and going ASAP.  Let me tell you,  slow down and really research.

The affiliate’s I have, are super, good customer service and helpful employees.  My problem is, I  want problem solving done by them, what ever it is that particular day.  What I am starting to realize is the solution, in many instances, has to be my own.   So  here are some things for me to work on, making  changes in my blog. Trying new ideas, if they flop, they flop.  Write good keyword descriptions, create exciting pins on Pinterest.  Find out what you can and can’t do.  Take one thing at a time.

Recently got an order from Fanatics (one of my affiliates).  It was a great experience. Easy to order from.  Package came quickly.  I was told when the package arrived, via email.  Packaged well. The item ordered (Christmas or birthday present?) is high quality, the fabric and lettering awesome.

I hope you will come and visit my website and blog.  New and exciting things coming. Again I have a lot of learning to do.  Thank God for a very supportive family.#interestingchallenge#researchmarketing#affilatemarketing


Site Page on Blog

Do your site pages include good information where ever they are located?  Under my site pages you will find things like contact. Written under contact is a statement informing my visitors that my blog contains affiliate links and what happens if you should purchase something from me. I hope it is clear and concise.

There is also a disclosure statement that spells out how my blog shares enlightening ideas and informational tips.

Also listed is a healthy cookbook category and kitchen & home accessories and health and fitness, with some good ideas and suggestions listed.

My drop down box informs viewers about leaving their e-mail address and if they do a very nice handout called -5 Easy Steps to A Relaxed Physician Visit will be sent to them via their e-mail.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and find some great sightseeing trips during the upcoming holidays#goodinformation#affiliatelinks#enlighteningideas#informationaltips

Organization A Must to Move Forward

Come and visit my blog.  Why! Because I am learning every day and hope to pass some of that learning on to you.  Organization, organization, organization, I can’t repeat it enough.  As I delve into this blogging business more and more I see how important the above word is.  Not just saying it and writing about it, but actually following thru.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find the bill you need to pay, the book that you need, the name of the person you were supposed to call back, the notes you made for your next blog etc.

My personal organizational goals to get done the New Year arrives:

  • Get my files organized
  • Remove from office, sewing room what is no longer used, necessary.
  • Get my computer better organized
  • Stop printing everything, use folders instead
  • Use a planner to help me
  • Record all phone messages, so they can be easily found.
  • Do volunteer calls, immediately after they are received.
  • Carry this over into others areas of our home-long term organizational plan. The other things I would like to do before the New Year.

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Stress and Some Goal Suggestions

Are the coming holidays stressing you out? The kids all getting excited, not always being good, picking on each other. They are tired of going to school, wishing at least some snow would fall, ( well, maybe just here). No blizzards please.

Try to pick one thing each day that you can accomplish. Even if it is a small thing. For me that would be giving the bathrooms a good cleaning. Not a small thing. I mean a good cleaning so they would only need a quick clean up right before Christmas.

Menus done? What if you could pick up a few items at a time each shopping venture, so the week of the holiday you are not standing in line at the grocery store, hoping you won’t go over your budget.

Another goal for the coming year? Budget Save for this week all year long. Good old fashioned Christmas clubs used to be wonderful. Try the first year,saving a small amount from each paycheck that is put into a savings you do not touch until the holidays.

Take one day off work during this holiday time. Get all your shopping done. Make that a goal for the coming year. I hear people say all the time, I need to take some vacation time or I will lose it. Plan out your year, take days off here and there.#settinggoals#relievingstress

Help with Grammar from Grammarcheck

What a wonderful thing to be able to copy and put out on your website or blog. Mistakes are often made in grammar, especially when someone is in a hurry. This checklist may be very helpful if you are in doubt as to which word to use. If this helps someone I am delighted that I found it.#grammarcheck.

The other thing that we all need to watch is our spelling. Use your spell check frequently or slow down for a minute and re-read what you just wrote. I know at times I don’t even see my mistake until I am reading my blog, after it is published. Take an extra minute and it will make you feel better and your day so much brighter.