Most important skill in a relationship!

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To me, the most important skill is good communication.  If you do not have this you are heading for trouble, even if the problems are small at this time, they  magnify themselves eventually.  All of a sudden you will notice an increase in stress, untruths being told, children getting involved and hard feelings evolving.

Try the following suggestions to see if they have any impact defining what your communication issues are:

Do not talk when you are very angry.  Walk away and cool down.

Do not go to bed without talking.  At least begin to try and determine what the real problems are.  You will not solve anything at this point but you need to make a pact to talk further.

Do not carry a grudge!  What does that help to solve? Communicate how you really feel.  Take turns talking.  You first, me second.  Me first, you second.

Do not involve children in your arguments, until you determine if the children or one child is involved in the issue.  Then new guidelines/contracts need to be established.#goodcommunication#communicationissues#newguidelines






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