Using Young Living Essential Oils or any essential oils.

It is important to start slow when using essential oils.  Use common sense. Always have a pure carrier oil on hand.  Carrier oils will dilute an essential oil if you have a reaction or skin irritation. Further discussion of carrier oils and their benefit will be discussed later.

Keep the essential oil tightly sealed and out of the sunlight.  Be safe with your oils and keep them out of the reach of children.  More dos and don’ts of essential oils    

Keep away from your eyes                                      

 Do  not put directly into your ears, only used around the ear.

Pregnant women and anyone with a medical issue, should always discuss using essential oils with a physician.    

If a skin irritation should occur, read carefully how to dilute the oil and handle the situation.  When you are learning about essential oils, it might be beneficial for you to keep a record of what oils you like, how each reacted to your body.  Essential oils can have therapeutic effects, but it is important to look at your overall health.#Younglivingessentialoils#therapeuticeffects.  Interested in learning more, please email me or use the information listed below.

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