Fitness#goals#motivation, rather than Chunky#plumpish#oversized?

If one of your goals for 2019 was exercise, where are you at now? What was your plan of action? Exercising daily, biweekly or weekly.

How were you going to put your plan of action in place?
Were you going to exercise at home on a treadmill?
Were you thinking of walking a mile at a time?
Were you going to join a gym and work with a trainer?
Have you even started yet!
Rewind! Rethink your plan! Rewrite your goal!
A – Become healthier
B – Lose weight
C – Begin to feel more energetic
Goal rewritten and placed where you can see it every day?
Ready, set, go. A new beginning. #exercise#motivation#goal#improvehealth#loseweight


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