Who manages your pain?

Are you aware that one day you will have to make a decision regarding who is your pain doctor? With the changes in the laws and the Opiod crisis, this is a must.

My husband and I take very little in the way of pain medication.  Me, none, but my  husband does takes a pain med for his back pain.  These he takes infrequently but has to get them from the physician who is treating his back.   Not from our internal medication physician.   We did not fully understand this at first, but now we do. You can not get pain medication from one physician one time and from another physician the next time.  Even if you do not take very often.

It is important that you and your physician are on the same page.  Physicians are trying to educate their patients, but we some times only hear what we want to hear.  Ask questions, be informed.   Be aware of what is going on in the state where you live.

Wrote this purely for educational  purposes.  Questions should be addressed to your physician regarding pain management.



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