Thieves – helping to clean closet.

Saturday May 4, 2019 was a rainy day here, with no chance of doing yard work. Darn!

Daughter, Mary here from out of town to visit, so I said how would you like to help us spring clean our master bedroom closet. Of course what could she say. She went out to get coffee and told us while she was gone, to get all our clothes out of the closet, so we could start as soon as she returned. Husband and I both hurried around to do exactly that. We helped her get everything out of the closet. Daughter Cindy, showed up to help thank God. Son Bill and grandson Will bought us a couple of huge cinnamon rolls, which we shared.

Closet was wiped down with a mixture of Young Livings’s Essential Oil Infused Household Cleaner -Thieves. Nice scent and safe to use around pets and children. Good safety rule, do not leave in the reach of children. ” Keep out of eye, mucous membrane, and skin”. Stated right on Thieves package. We used 1 part Thieves to 30 parts of distilled water, in a spray bottle and it did such a nice job. Walls and ceiling do not look streaky, just clean. Our son also fixed the door knob that was crying for help. The closet was very very dusty, did not realize how dusty it was. On the surface it did not look too bad. Carpet swept and we were ready to start sorting clothes, shoes, picture frames, pillows, etc.

Approx. three hours later we took 2 black bags full of clothes and a box of odds and ends to a thrift store and we were done. Out to dinner, too tired to cook. Keep looking at the closet and thinking, job well done.

May 5, 2019

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