Essential Oils-general thoughts and ideas to think on!

Thoughts and ideas running around in my head right after putting out the blog on BLENDS.

So I thought sharing would be good, especially if I am learning and hoping you want to learn also. Lots of them are safety tips, plus just food for thought, especially if you are thinking of also furthering your education.

Store essential oils in dark cool places.

Always do a patch test/skin test before applying an oil or blend directly to your skin. Irritations or rashes are not always fun.

Some essential oils can cause a sunburn. Recognize the word photosensitivity.

Never use essential oils , near your eyes, in your ears.

Wash hands after handling essential oils. To me that is just good common sense.

Quality of essential oils do vary! So remember you get what you buy. Learn to be selective and get value for your investment. Read labels carefully ! Still confused, do more research.

Very important, BABIES, SENIORS, and PREGNANT WOMEN! Special guidelines are available and should always be followed.

Consult always with a medical professional if you have concerns, questions or just want to know if you can use essential oils safely.

Traveling! What are you going to do with your essential oils, if you want to take especially your blends with you.

Evaluate regularly especially how your blends are doing. Journal! You want results and maybe you want to share.

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