Kitchen and Home Accessories

Crock Pot

The advent of the crock pot does not seem like it was too long ago, but it had to have been a while. I remember we had to learn to cook properly in it. It was a great invention for big families especially in the winter time, when a big pot of soup, chili or a mouthwatering pot roast with potatoes, onions and carrots filled the house with wonderful aromas. We still use ours at least once a week and some times more. Lifting the inside container out and putting it in the refrigerator with any leftovers, made cleaning up the kitchen that night a very easy job. Please click on Kitchen Accessories.

Instant Pot

Newer on the market now are the Instant Pots. # Multifaceted – Pressure Cooker. It has the ability to act as a steamer, a cooker, and can saute. If this becomes a new venture for you, as it would be for me, be sure and read your manual thoroughly. Sounds extremely interesting. A part of the ongoing journey into a possible healthy cooking style. Please click on Kitchen Accessories.

Gardening/Rain Boots

With Spring approaching, rain on its way, and plenty of garden beds to tend to, why not have fun in the mud wearing these stylish chicken boots!