Carrier oil bottles- nice bottles for blending of essential oils.  No leaking or breaking.


Everyone is talking about fairy gardens to make your outside gardens, really shine.

A wonderful selection of sewing items for the forever sewer.

White Desk w/ 2 Drawers & Storage Cabinet

Desk is a great addition to my office.  Enjoy having a drop down keyboard shelf.  Before my keyboard sort of bounced when I typed.  One the the drawers needs some alignment and the spring on the cabinet on the right needs adjusting.  Small fixes.

Good desk with storage places!  Hooray.


This is on my bucket list.  We had a treadmill for many years, but alas it just got tired.   This one also folds up.  Nice Nice!

Crock Pot

The advent of the crock pot does not seem like it was too long ago,

but it had to have been a while. I remember we had to learn to cook properly in it. It was a great invention for big families especially in the winter time, when a big pot of sou

p, chili or a mouthwatering pot roast with potatoes, onions and carrots filled the house with wonderful aromas. We still use ours at least once a week and some times more. Lifting the inside container out and putting it in the refrigerator with any leftovers, made cleaning up the kitchen that night a very easy job. Please click on Kitchen Accessories.

Instant Pot

Newer on the market now are the Instant Pots. # Multifaceted – Pressure Cooker. It has the ability to act as a steamer, a cooker, and can saute. If this becomes a new venture for you, as it would be for me, be sure and read your manual thoroughly. Sounds extremely interesting. A part of the ongoing journey into a possible healthy cooking style. Please click on Kitchen Accessories.

Gardening/Rain Boots

With Spring approaching, rain on its way, and plenty of garden beds to tend to, why not have fun in the mud wearing these stylish chicken boots!

Gluten Free Slow Cooker Recipes
The Instant Pot Bible

The Instant Pot  Bible

Simply Gluten Free 5 Ingredient Cookbook

Amazon Kindle

Both my husband and I have Kindle’s They are wonderful to have when you have a long wait in the physician’s office.